Animal Care



Giving your pet the best care possible is important. It creates a special bond between you and your pet. The most basic care you can give is ensuring your pet always has fresh clean water all the time as well as getting the best quality food you can afford. Make sure that there is some form of shelter and bedding to protect him/ her from the elements. Even better is if your pet sleeps in the house, as it is a lot safer. A regular visit to the Vet is also important. You need to vaccinate and deworm and also keep them up to date to prevent your pet from getting sick. Also make sure that you spray or dip your pet to get rid of ticks and fleas as often as possible. To keep your pet from becoming bored it is recommended you get them lots of toys and chewy treats to keep them entertained.

Having said all that you should have a healthy, happy and bouncy pet!!!