September Newsletter 2017

Welcome to Spring – the season of renewal!

We are happy to announce that Santa Cause for Paws have included us as one of their beneficiaries to receive gifts for the animals in our care. In case you aren’t familiar with how it works, you simply pledge online and drop off at a place closest to you and we will receive the donations you have made. Please visit for more information.
Please share with friends and family and help spread the word. The more we receive, the more our furry friends receive. Thanks!!!

This month we were blessed with wonderful food donations from the following companies – Catbox, Eukanuba, Yankee Candle, Hills. Thank you very much to each and every one of you for helping us lighten the load. The downturn in the economy is very evident in the townships we serve, where food queue far outweigh those of the treatments and vaccinations.

In support of World Rabies Day on the 28th, we embarked on a massive vaccination/ education day in Katlehong and Zandspruit, where we hoped to raise awareness of the importance of having pets vaccinated against rabies. We successfully managed to vaccinate more than 300 animals.

Snoopy is still looking for his fur-ever home. If anyone can offer our beautiful boy a good home please contact us on 076515451. He’s about months 3-4 months old and has the sweetest nature. Please share with friends and family and help us find a home for him. Home check and adoption fee apply.

Feral cats are a direct result of tame cats not being sterilized and being abandoned or lost. They end up on the streets where some manage to fend for themselves and others die a slow painful death either from starvation or illness. Those that manage to survive end up breeding and multiplying. We have been very successful in controlling colonies with our TNR program. Quite simply this means Trap-Neuter-Return. We do not advise that ferals be removed as the next colony will just take their place. Please contact us for more information should you need us to help.

Please continue sms’ing ‘Allies’ to 38365 @R10/sms.

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