April Newsletter 2017

We started April with our fourth onsite sterilisation campaign. On Sunday the 2nd, we set off at 5:45am for Katlehong. The early start allowed us time to convert three classrooms into a “prep room” an “operating theatre” and a “recovery room”. By the time the veterinary surgeons arrived at 7:30 we were all set up and ready to go.

Queues of dogs and cats greeted us on our arrival, some waiting to be sterilised and others, already sterilised, waiting to be treated or vaccinated. A total of 13 vets, 3 vet nurses and almost 30 volunteers ensured 105 animals were sterilized and 100s more were treated, vaccinated, dewormed and sprayed for ticks and fleas. Fourteen dogs were brought back to Bromhof and Oaklands Veterinary Clinics for further treatment and six puppies were surrendered who are now looking for their forever homes. Thank you to every vet, vet nurse, volunteer and company that made the day the success it was, and a special thank you to Bromhof for initiating this wonderful outreach program. We truly cannot thank all of you enough.

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Please enjoy this wonderful video, Phillip Meyer made of the day. Phillip and his wife, are regular volunteers at Katlehong. Thank you Phillip and Elizabeth for always assisting at our onsite days and a special thank you to Phillip for once again taking the time to make the video and show people what we do on these days.


Look out for our latest adverts currently on William Nicol and Grayston. A big THANKS goes to AdReach for sponsoring them. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get our name out and raise money for the township animals’ sterilizations. This exposure will allow for us to reach so many more people and hopefully allow us to get the support we greatly need.


Susan from Grounded Journey has taken it upon herself to help raise funds for our township animals, for kennels, food, collars and leashes and especially funds to help with our vet bills. We rely on the kindness of people and donors to make our work possible. Please consider making a donation, or signing a monthly debit order so we can continue doing the work that we do.

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Elvis to the rescue again!! This feral cat managed to get a cable tie stuck around his body which caused more damage than we initially thought. He has been given a long term antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatories which will help heal his wounds. We kept him for a few days and happy to say that he is better, more comfortable and now back home.

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Chester on the other hand has a long road to recovery. He was hit by a car in the township and broke all his metatarsals. He was taken to Oaklands vet who operated on him and inserted plates. Chester will need about four to six weeks to recover.

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Please consider making a donation towards Chester’s vet bills, either via eft or via snapscan:

Animal Allies

Nedbank Central Gauteng

Account No. 1284143821

Branch Code: 128405

Reference: Your name and cell/email address


And lastly going back to forever homes. We need your help!!! We are not a shelter but always find ourselves with dogs and cats that need to be rehomed. Please don’t forget about Pepsi and Nina, Pebbles, Bantam and Sparky (the two dogs that were recently surrendered to us). All of them have been vaccinated and sterilized and now just need a home to call their own.  Don’t shop, please adopt and open up your homes to one or two of the lovey animals we have. Help share with friends and family and spread the word and you could be saving a life!! An adoption fee and home check apply.

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To end, we would like to wish you all a wonderful long weekend and to those travelling be safe.


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