The Benefits of Trap Neuter Return


TNR is a humane and effective way of helping reduce the population of feral cats. The process involves trapping the cats using a humane cat trap, having them sterilized and their ear clipped which is necessary for identification so they will not be trapped again. They are then released back to where they came from.

This method improves the lives of feral cats and their relationships with people living near them and decreases the size of the colonies over time. Removing cats permanently only results in a new influx of cats moving in. They move in to take advantage of the resources that attracted the previous cats like food and shelter. In addition TNR cats tend to protect their food source when it is limited in size, which discourages new cats from moving into their territory.

The cost of TNR can be significantly a lot less than removing completely. This is because trapping and removing may require more costs like hiring the traps for longer, euthanasia and disposal of the body.

Also TNR reduces common complaints about yowling, spraying and fighting. Cats can still serve the community by providing natural rodent control, which is beneficial in both urban and rural communities.

TNR works and can make a real difference in your community.