South Hills

We continued our work in South Hills, where previously we had sterilised 600 dogs and cats. We also assisted those who could not afford veterinary fees by having their pets sterilized and vaccinated. In 2013 we managed to have another 93 dogs and 128 cats done.

Honeydew Informal Settlement

In September 2013, we received a desperate call for help. We were told about a dog at the Honeydew Informal Settlement that required emergency treatment. On our arrival we were met by the sad reality of how many animals live there. This is not for lack of love or concern for the animal, but purely a lack of funds and education in animal care. Also it’s the first time that an animal organisation has come out and offered their services. The people now know help is just a phone call away. The dog was immediately taken to a veterinary surgeon for treatment, where she spent three weeks before being sterilised and returned. She was not the only one needing care, many animals needed basic veterinary care and most needed to be sterilised. Every time we arrived to collect dogs, more were waiting and so our work there continues.

Eskom Informal Settlement

Having built a good reputation as well as trust in Honeydew our name quickly spread to Eskom, so in 2014 we extended our services to this Area. Eskom is also known as Lion Park Informal Settlement because of its very close proximity to the Lion Park. Here too we focus on the treatment and sterilisation of the animals and education of the people. We again are the only organisation helping the animals.


This is our latest project we would like to introduce you – Katlehong Township. Why Khatlehong, you may ask? A member of the community had been begging us for assistance on behalf of so many people, as no other welfare organisation was assisting. He trusted us as we had helped him with his animals prior to him moving to Katlehong. We went to access the situation, what met our eyes was beyond anything we ever imagined. So many animals in dire need of attention, treatment, food and help. On the 22nd of May we held our first ever onsite sterilization day. This was all thanks to Dr Le-Anne Kleynhans of Bromhof Veterinary Clinic, who offered to do this for us free of charge. We arrived to dogs, cats and people waiting for the assistance they so badly needed and longed for. We sterilised 72 dogs and 12 cats and vaccinated over 500 animals. We are now in Katlehong on a daily basis treating and sterilizing the animals and educating the people.