March newsletter

A little late, but worth the wait.

March has been a busy month for Animal Allies, not only with our sterilisation campaign but also with sick and injured animals. Most of whom were suffering from tick bite fever. Thank you to those vets and dogs that donated blood for transfusions and thanks to Oaklands for treating. Sadly, one puppy didn’t make it. After 24hrs in high care, he had deteriorated so badly that a decision had to be taken to humanly euthanise him.

Again we have found a dog with a severe skin problem. He too attends the vet on a weekly basis for treatment. He is now used to being collected by Elvis and greets him with a friendly wag every time he sees him.

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Thanks to World Spay Day 2016 and to all the vets who contributed to making it a success 82 dogs and 4 cats won’t be adding to the animal overpopulation crisis.

An extra thanks goes to Rivonia and Sunninghill who raised funds to sterilise an extra 3 dogs each and a huge thank you to Honeydew, Bryanston and Northcliff who continue to sterilise 2 dogs each every week throughout the year.

A lady that helps feed cats in the south of Joburg called us asking us to help the residents of Jeppe, Bertrams and Bezvalley with sterilisations of their cats as they could not afford veterinary fees. We managed to get 31 cats sterilised which will stop the spread of many unwanted kittens. Many kittens are given away which does not help the situation as those very kittens are also going to start breeding.

We need your help and support to promote and reinforce how important it is to spay and neuter cats and dogs. Through Animal Allies we are able to get welfare rates so if you know anyone in need please forward our number. Also if you’re able to donate, your donation will help protect these animals by ensuring they are sterilised and receive the care they need. Please help us continue to share this important message.

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We received two calls from two townships begging us for help for their animals in Alexandra and Kathlehong.

Kathlehong tells us that nobody ever visits their area volunteering help for the animals. In May we will hold our first vaccination day in Kathlehong township, where everyone will be introduced to Animal Allies. This day will prepare the animals for sterilizing.

As for Alexandra township, we collected four dogs last week for sterilisation and will be collecting another four dogs this week. Thank you to Miranda for arranging everything and Sandy for the extremely generous donation to get these animals sterilised. We will also arrange a date for a vaccination day where will obtain a list of all dogs needing to be sterilised.

We need vets, vet nurses, animal welfare assistants and volunteers for these days. Please let us know if you could assist and as soon as a date is finalised we will let you know.

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We would love to put another bakkie on the road focusing on the new townships. Elvis is already so stretched to capacity trapping cats and visiting Zandpruit and Lions Park every day. If you could kindly donate towards this cause, we would greatly appreciate it.

These lovely little kittens are looking for forever homes. Please note that an adoption fee will apply as well as a home check.

Congratulations to Jonathan Kaplan that took part in Speed Stars and won. He chose Animal Allies as his favourite charity and an amazing R30 000 has been donated to us:) Thank you, thank you!!

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If you haven’t already bought Janice Fosters book ‘The Killer Within’ we suggest you visit

It’s a great book that you will surely enjoy and we will both benefit as we receive 50% of the book sales.

Thank you to all our supporters for your generosity and continuous support.

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