March 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Ally,

We are in our last month of our Spay Campaign. Yes the project has been so successful that it continued into April and that’s only thanks to you, for spreading the word, and the Vets, who volunteered their practices and time.

From April we will start our trapping again and that brings me to Elvis. Elvis joined Animal Allies in the beginning of February and has just focused his time on the sterilization campaign. The dogs seem to love him and we are hoping that the ferals will too J Welcome to Animal Allies Elvis. We hope you’re enjoying your time with us as much as we are enjoying having and working with you. We wish you lots of success, trappings and sterilizations.

Animal Allies March 2015_1

Elvis collecting one of the dogs that was sterilized from the vet.

 While all dogs manage to creep into our hearts this one in particular stood out. She is from Kagiso, a Township in Florida, where we have recently been approached for help. Thin and bred continuously, as her guardian could not afford to have her sterilized. We sterilized her and sent her home with food and a ‘goodie bag’ and of course took the opportunity to educate her guardians. Here is a before (the night before surgery unfortunately the lighting is not very good) and after picture (6 weeks later), and as they say all is well that ends well.

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We are only able to do the work that we do because of people like you. Please would you consider donating pet food, blankets, kennels (anything for the animals) or signing a debit order, which I have attached. Once you have completed the form you can either email it back or fax it to 086 6055 241.

 As we approach another festive season, a time when many religions celebrate, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday. If you are travelling, drive safely and take care.