With winter still upon us, please let’s not forget about the animals in the townships that don’t have the luxury of a kennel and warm blankets. We try our best to give each animal we sterilise a kennel, but at R600 each it is a huge drain on our resources. These animals have no shelter from the cold in winter and the rain in summer. If you have a kennel lying around that you’re not using please let us know and we will gladly collect. Also, if you would like to sponsor a kennel our banking details are at the end of the plea. Please reference kennel and your name/ number/ email as we would love to thank you.1

We held our 6th vaccination day at Zandspruit on Saturday 18th June and as usual were met by dozens of animals, despite the cold weather. Every animal went home with a bucket of food, and a new collar & leash. Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who joined us and helped the queues move so quickly.


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Want to help the animals and not sure how? Janice Foster’s book ‘The Killer Within’ is on sale. Janice will donate fifty percent of the book sales to Animal Allies. We would love you to support Janice and in turn, support us. Please buy a book or two for yourself and a friend. The printed book is now also available at Megabooks in South Africa for R170.00, the link is http://megabooks.co.za/shop/the-killer-within-2/

Good news!! Together with Bromhof Veterinary Clinic, we have set the next date for our on-site sterilisation campaign in Katlehong. It will take place on the 21st of August. Katlehong is in desperate need of help. A huge thank you goes to the awesome Dr Le-Anne Kleynhans and her team, not only for organizing and sponsoring this extremely important day but also for never refusing to treat, sterilise or help any animal we bring in. We are hoping to sterilise over 100 animals on this day, in addition to treating, vaccinating and dipping another 350+ animals. Dr. Le, you make such a massive difference in the lives of the Katlehong animals and for this, we cannot thank you enough. We salute you for your commitment, hard work and support!! If you would like to volunteer or know of any vets, vet nurses, or anyone that would like to help on this day, please give them my number 076 511 5451.

Champion Pet Foods have once again come on board to help with two cases of doggies needing help. These two dogs, both from Katlehong, have severe mange, are emaciated and in need of lots of love and attention. Thank you Champion Pet Foods for the kind donation of Orijen dog food. As we witnessed previously this food is just brilliant and packed with all the nutrition they so badly need. We have no doubt it will help restore the condition of these two fur babies in no time. We look forward to these two making a great and full recovery.

We are always in need of food for the ever growing number of animals that we see. Whatever you give will make a huge difference to the lives of these animals. If you would like to donate and help a township animal, please respond to this email and we will gladly collect from you.

We need a home to call our own. We are sterilized, vaccinated and have been tested. We are both female and roughly 12 weeks old. We must go together. If you would like to open your heart and home to us, please contact Karen. Home checks and adoption fees apply.

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Lastly please continue supporting our cause by sms-ing Allies to 38365 at R10/SMS
Our banking details are –
Animal Allies
Nedbank Central Gauteng
Account Number: 1284 143 821
Branch Code: 128 405
Cheque Account