It’s been a busy and happy month, but before we say good bye to July, here are some updates on the work we’ve been doing.

To Viv, and the entire SAINTs team thank you so much for the R29 941-00 you so kindly raised for Animal Allies.  This is amazing and so much appreciated. Thank you also to all those who donated and shopped, thereby making this cheque possible.


July month has become associated with the late Nelson Mandela, our former president. It was he who said “What counts in life, is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” How true Tata Madiba and that’s exactly what Animal Allies practices; not only for the animals but also for the children. And to celebrate our 67 minutes we arranged a fun day for the children of the Honeydew Squatter Camp. Thank you to all the private bankers at the Nedbank Nicolway Suite, who so kindly sponsored (from their pockets) the hotdogs and goodie bags. Not satisfied with the donation, they arrived in full swing to personally attend to the children.

Ronnie Magic, as always, put on a lovely dog show for the children and encouraged them to pat and love the dogs, and Margaret Auerbach then entertained all with her wonderful puppet dog show.

After lunch, the face painters arrived and we finally said goodbye to butterflies, flowers, spidermen, and batmen, each leaving with a cupcake kindly baked and donated by Charlmaine, of Mondeor Home Bake. Thank you, to everybody, for bringing a little sunshine into the lives of these children.


Our sterilization campaign in the squatter camps, as well as our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program for feral cats is still going well. So far this year we have sterilised 767 animals. This is the only effective way to control the population of dogs and cats, and prevent unwanted animals from being euthanized.

While our focus is on treatment and sterilizations, we occasionally receive a call to home kittens and puppies. This month we successfully homed five kittens and re homed a nine month x breed puppy.

To those who adopted, may your new additions bring you many years of happiness.

On the 16th August we will again set up in Honeydew to vaccinate dogs and cats. We mentioned previously that this camp is divided into three sections and the section we are busy in presently, is infested with ticks. Numerous dogs collected for sterilising were suffering from Biliary or Ehrlichiosis (Tick Bite Fever) or both. The only preventative treatment available for these diseases is regular dipping and the regular application of anti tick products or tick collars. We have recently invested in tick collars. We find them more effective as they do not need to be replaced for eight months. Since everything is done free of charge in the squatter camps, your donations play an important part in ensuring that each animal receives the best possible treatment.

Chai FM is hosting a fundraiser for charities. Please support us and vote for us by sending a sms  ‘Animal Allies Radiothon’ to 34519. Sms’s cost R1.50.



Before we close off, we would like to thank our supporters for everything they do for Animal Allies. You have no idea how much we appreciate it.