Honeydew Events

Honeydew Vaccination Day, 5 December 2016

Our last vaccination day of the year was held in Zandspruit squatter camp in Honeydew on the 5th of December.

Thank you so much Santa Cause for Paws for once again choosing us as a beneficiary and for bringing so much joy to the people and animals of Zandspruit.

Honeydew Vaccination Day, 6 June 2016

We held our 6th vaccination day at Zandspruit on Saturday 18th June and as usual were met by dozens of animals, despite the cold weather.

Every animal went home with a bucket of food, and a new collar & leash.

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who joined us and helped the queues move so quickly.

Honeydew Vaccination Day, 5 December 2015

Yet another successful day at Zandspruit Squatter Camp where we were joined by Santa Cause for Paws who handed out presents for the animals.

Thank you once again to all the wonderful volunteers that always make time to come out and help.

Honeydew Vaccination Day, 15 August 2015

On Saturday the 15th of August 2015, we held our 5th vaccination day at Honeydew Squatter camp.

It was hectic as usual but thanks to our volunteers we managed to get through the day.

We vaccinated, dewormed and sprayed animals. Once again a big thank you goes to Hills and to Liz from Speedyroofing for the wonderful food donation; to Zoetis for the deworming tabs; Totally Kosher for once again donating cupcakes for the kids; to Elaine for the beautiful photos and dog food; to Dr Taryn Bright for always making herself available on our vaccination days; to our wonderful volunteers, Margie, Brett, Bertus, Cindy, Charde, Courtney and family, Sandra & Blake, Kabelo and the boys and to everyone else who contributed in any way

Honeydew Vaccination Day 2, 15 February 2014

We had a second Vaccination Day in Honeydew. We saw to the remainder of animals we didn’t get to see the previous time we were there. Once again we vaccinated, dewormed and sprayed for ticks and fleas an abundance of animals. We also treated some sick dogs. It was another great successful day!!

Honeydew Vaccination Day, 26 October 2013

Armed with cupcakes, cold drinks and vaccination vials, we arrived at the crack of dawn. The Honeydew residents arrived with their pets and all in all 250 animals were vaccinated. All animals received a new collar and leash and a bucket of food. We are still actively involved in this area, having sterilised 122 dogs and cats, and will continue with this project in the new year.