February 2016 Newsletter

The 23rd of February marked the 23rd World Spay Day. 100’s of healthy animals are euthanised on a daily basis as there are just not enough homes. There are many reasons why animals end up in shelters or on the streets but over population is the one that we have the most power to control. Let’s make everyday World Spay Day and help keep the animal population in check. Please help us achieve this by making a donation towards a squatter camp animals sterilisation and be part of the solution.

Thank you to the many Vets who volunteered their services enabling us to convert World Spay “Day” to World Spay “Month”.


GREAT NEWS!!! Animal Allies is the official beneficiary of 50% of all book sales  of ‘The Killer Within’. Thank you  to Janice Foster the author of the book who kindly made this donation. This campaign is running for just another 36 days so if you are a book enthusiast or would like to get give a gift for someone, now is your chance. Get this great book and help us put a fully equipped mobile clinic on the road, to help even more animals. Please follow the link below for more details.


Meet our latest patient Bongo, injured his foot and was taken to Oaklands Vet. Unfortunately his foot had started to rot and the Vet, unable to save it had to amputate his leg. The owners were extremely worried that he would not cope or be able to get around on only three legs, but after assuring them that this was the best option for him, they finally agreed and gave the go ahead. The operation was very successful and after some much needed cage rest, Bongo went home to his family.


Its endings like this you make possible. Please continue supporting us and help spread the word about Animal Allies. We are always in need of donations as we are in the townships everyday helping animal owners who are totally reliant on us for pet care.

Here are just a few ways you can help us:

  • If you haven’t already got a MySchool card, please apply for one at www.myschool.co.zaand nominate Animal Allies as a beneficiary. It doesn’t cost you anything and we get a percentage of your spend.
  • Please consider donating any good quality second hand items to us (furniture, books, clothing etc)
  • Sign up for a monthly debit order
  • Donate any amount, no matter how small, it all adds up
  • Donate via SMS. Send ‘Allies’ to 38365 @ R10/sms

Thank you to our supporters for your generosity, commitment and love for the animals. Have a wonderful March and happy Easter!!