have a far more interesting history than most of us think. All dogs are probably descended from the wolf. They were first domesticated by people about 13000 years ago. Dogs are pack animals and live according to a strict hierarchical system. Even in domestic situations there has to be a ‘top’ dog. Dogs are also very territorial which makes them very protective of their property and owners.

There are hundreds of official dog breeds and cross breeds. Each dog however has its own unique set of characteristics and personality that sets that apart.

Some dogs are said to be as smart as 2year old children. Border collies, Poodles, Golden Retrievers and Dobermans are said to be the most intelligent ones. Then you get breeds like Hound dogs, Bulldogs and Beagles these are said to be the slow learners.

Whichever dog someone decides to adopt with lots of love and attention they will make the best companions ever and hence the phrase ‘mans best friend’.



on the other hand are known for their mysterious ways. They are very independent animals. They do what they feel like when they feel like it. On average cats spend almost 70% of their day sleeping and by doing so they will be conserving their energy. Cats are known to hate water because their fur does not insulate well when it’s wet. However there is one breed called the Turkish Van that loves the water and loves to swim.

When a cat rubs against you it is not only to be affectionate but they will also be marking their territory using scent glands around their face.

Cats choose who they bond with and once that bond is forged it’s a bond for life.