Honeydew Vaccination Day, 5 December 2016

Our last vaccination day of the year was held in Zandspruit squatter camp in Honeydew on the 5th of December. Thank you so much Santa Cause for Paws for once again choosing us as a beneficiary and for bringing so much joy to the people and animals of Zandspruit.


Eskom Vaccination Day, 28 November 2016

Saturday the 28th we held another vaccination day at Eskom Squatter camp, where we were met by anxious owners waiting with their pets. It’s amazing what a little TLC and education can do to change lives of so many animals, and even if we say so ourselves, there’s been a vast improvement in the animals we care for. Thanks again to everyone that came through and volunteered their time making it a rewarding and successful day.


Katlehong Sterilisation Campaign Day 3, 27 November 2016

On the 20th of November we held our third on site sterilisation campaign in Katlehong. Having gained experience from the first two, we were organised and ready to go by 8am. An amazing 102 animals were sterilised and hundreds more vaccinated, dewormed and dipped. THANK YOU Bromhof Veterinary Clinic, all the vets, vet nurses, AWA’s and volunteers who helped out!! A big thank you also goes to all our sponsors who donated food, blankets and medication, we really appreciate your support.


Katlehong Sterilisation Campaign Day 2, 21 August 2016

On the 21st of August we held our 2nd onsite sterilization day in Katlehong. This day was a great success, having learnt from the first day. Three stations were set up – one for vaccinations and deworming, one for sterilisations and the last one for treatments. We arrived at Thabotona Primary School at 7.30am in order to clear the classrooms, and set up the tables so the vets could start at 8.00. By the time we were ready the queues had stretched to beyond the gates. People waited patiently to have their beloved pets attended to. All in all we vaccinated and dewormed over 400 animals, sterilized 55 dogs and 49 cats and treated another 30 animals. Nine puppies were surrendered and three dogs removed. It was a hectic but rewarding day, knowing we had all made a difference to so many animals’ lives. A HUGE thank you goes to the amazing team at Bromhof Veterinary Clinic for choosing to partner with us and organizing this day. Thank you also to all the volunteers who woke up when it was still dark to come through and assist and did not stop until it was dark again.


Honeydew Vaccination Day, 6 June 2016

We held our 6th vaccination day at Zandspruit on Saturday 18th June and as usual were met by dozens of animals, despite the cold weather. Every animal went home with a bucket of food, and a new collar & leash. Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who joined us and helped the queues move so quickly.


Katlehong Sterilisation Campaign, 22 May 2016

On the 22nd of May we held our first ever onsite sterilisation day. This was all thanks to Dr Le-Anne Kleynhans of Bromhof Veterinary Clinic, who offered to do this for us free of charge.  This is our latest project we would like to introduce you to – Katlehong Township.  The day was to begin at 8am with the hope of sterilising 80 animals. We arrived to dogs, cats and people waiting for the assistance they so badly needed and longed for. Before we knew it there were more than sixty dogs and 15 cats on our sterilisation list and they just kept coming in. We, unfortunately, had to stop at seventy-two dogs and 12 cats but we continued to vaccinate, deworm and spray the over 500 dogs and 50 cats. The whole experience was extremely overwhelming for everyone and we were all very happy with the success of the campaign.


Eskom Vaccination Day, 21 May 2016

The weekend of the 21st and 22nd of May proved to be our busiest and most rewarding weekend. It kicked off with another vaccination day on the 21st in Eskom Squatter camp. As usual, we were met by dog and cat owners in the hundreds for their follow up vaccinations, dip/spray and deworming. There has been a great improvement in the condition of their pets and always nice to see less and fewer mums with puppies here. As I’m sure you are all aware our main focus is the prevention of sickness and disease, treatment and sterilisation so it’s really nice to see hard work paying off. Thank you once again to everyone that made a donation and to our wonderful volunteers who are always available and ready to help.


International Spay Day, 28 February 2016

The 28th of February marked the 22nd  World Spay Day. 100’s of healthy animals are euthanised on a daily basis as there are just not enough homes. There are many reasons why animals end up in shelters or on the streets but over population is the one that we have the most power to control. Thank you to the many Vets who volunteered their services enabling us to convert World Spay “Day” to World Spay “Month”. Thanks to World Spay Day 2016 and to all the vets who contributed to making it a success 82 dogs and 4 cats won’t be adding to the animal overpopulation crisis. An extra thanks goes to Rivonia and Sunninghill who raised funds to sterilise an extra 3 dogs each and a huge thank you to Honeydew, Bryanston and Northcliff who continue to sterilise 2 dogs each every week throughout the year.


Honeydew Vaccination Day, 5 December 2015

Yet another successful day at Zandspruit Squatter Camp where we were joined by Santa Cause for Paws who handed out presents for the animals. Thank you once again to all the wonderful volunteers that always make time to come out and help.


Eskom Vaccination Day, 28 November 2015

Our Vaccination Day on the 28th of November in the Eskom Squatter Camp was a huge success. Animals of all shapes and sizes arrived for their treatment. We vaccinated, dewormed and sprayed 198 dogs and 7 cats. Food and collars were given to the animals’ guardians and the children enjoyed sweet packs and cupcakes. As a matter of the fact the queue for sweets was twice as long as the one for vaccinations.


Animal Allies Golf Challenge, 13 October 2015

We held our second annual golf day on the 13th of October and wow what a success it was. The day raised an amazing R143 734.52 and paved the way for our new mobile clinic. It is our intention to put a fully equipped mobile clinic on the road next year. This clinic will enable us to treat, sterilize and attend to more animals in the townships and squatter camps where there is always a need for help. It will literally change the lives of so many animals and their guardians.


Honeydew Vaccination Day, 15 August 2015

On Saturday the 15th of August 2015, we held our 5th vaccination day at Honeydew Squatter camp. It was hectic as usual but thanks to our volunteers we managed to get through the day. We vaccinated, dewormed and sprayed animals. Once again a big thank you goes to Hills and to Liz from Speedyroofing for the wonderful food donation; to Zoetis for the deworming tabs; Totally Kosher for once again donating cupcakes for the kids; to Elaine for the beautiful photos and dog food; to Dr Taryn Bright for always making herself available on our vaccination days; to our wonderful volunteers,  Margie, Brett, Bertus, Cindy, Charde, Courtney and family, Sandra & Blake, Kabelo and the boys and to everyone else who contributed in any way


International Spay Day, 28 February 2015

World spay day shines a spotlight on the lifesaving power of sterilization and the need for affordable services, particularly in the underprivileged communities. The 28th of February marked the 21st World Spay Day, which falls on the last Tuesday of February. This year 27 veterinary clinics answered our plea to help the squatter camp animals, making 2015 our best year ever. On the 3rd of February the first three dogs were sterilized. We asked that each clinic sterilize three dogs free of charge. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of so many vets who offered weekly sterilizations. Also if any further treatment was needed no vet shied away and helped wherever they could.


Mandela Day, July 2014

We had a wonderful Mandela Day at the Honeydew Community Centre, where we catered for more than 250 kids. Nedbank Nicolway donated hotdogs and goodie bags, Charlmaine from Mondeor Home Bake donated cupcakes, Margaret from Spell Bound Puppets did a great puppet show, Ronnie Magic also did a wonderful dog show. After lunch the kids all had their faces painted. It was a huge success, thanks to everyone that contributed. 


Animal Allies Golf Challenge, 11 June 2014

We had our very first Golf Day at the Houghton Golf Course. It was a huge success with golfers teeing off at 10.30am and ending off the evening with dinner, prize giving and an auction.Thank you to all the golfers and to the sponsors for making this day possible.


International Spay Day, 25th February 2014

February 25th marked the 20th Annual Spay Day. This event was developed by the International Humane Society with the aim to create awareness about the importance of sterilization. In order to celebrate International Spay Day and recognise the importance of sterilizing animals especially in disadvantaged communities, Animal Allies is going on a 4-5 week campaign. Our objective is to sterilize as many animals in the Honeydew Squatter Camp as possible. Many thanks and appreciation to the Vets that have kindly offered their services for this worthy cause.


Honeydew Vaccination Day 2, 15 February 2014

We had a second Vaccination Day in Honeydew. We saw to the remainder of animals we didn’t get to see the previous time we were there. Once again we vaccinated, dewormed and sprayed for ticks and fleas an abundance of animals. We also treated some sick dogs. It was another great successful day!!


Honeydew Xmas Parties, 21 November 2013

We finished off the year with a visit to four crèches in the area, where we handed out Christmas presents and made new friends. Next year we will introduce an education program for the children teaching them basic animal care.


FirstRand Fundraiser, 28 November 2013

FirstRand organised an event to raise funds in order to purchase 200 spot-ons for our furry friends to help prevent ticks, fleas and worms. Employees from FirstRand, RMB and Fnb made donations and FirstRand matched what was donated.


Honeydew Vaccination Day, 26 October 2013

Armed with cupcakes, cold drinks and vaccination vials, we arrived at the crack of dawn. The Honeydew residents arrived with their pets and all in all 250 animals were vaccinated. All animals received a new collar and leash and a bucket of food. We are still actively involved in this area, having sterilised 122 dogs and cats, and will continue with this project in the new year.


East London Sterilization Campaign, October 2012

Liz Hillman who frequently goes down to Cinsta asked us to help with trapping. Despite the weather, it rained almost every day, we still managed to trap and sterilize 16 cats. Sterilizations were done through East London Spca. Thank you to Liz for caring and ensuring these cats won’t be contributing to the overpopulation problem.