To all Animal Allies,

We end this year on a very high note, thanks to wonderful people like you. And my, what a success it’s been.

Our trap-neuter-return project has been running in over drive, with Christopher at the helm. He begged and pleaded with organisations to have the cats returned, explained the importance of a feral colony and thanks to him, we managed to have 1050 feral cats vaccinated, sterilized and returned “home”.
We continued our work in South Hills, where previously we had sterilised 600 dogs and cats. This year we added another 68 dogs and 122 cats to our list. We also assisted those who could not afford veterinary fees by having their pets sterilized and vaccinated, this year we managed to have another 93 dogs and 128 cats done.

In September we received a desperate call for help. We were told about a dog at the Honeydew Informal Settlement that required emergency treatment. On our arrival we were met by the sad reality of how many animals live there. This is not for lack of love or concern for the animal, but purely a lack of funds and education in animal care. Also it’s the first time that an animal organisation has come out and offered their services. The people now know help is just a phone call away. The dog was immediately taken to a veterinary surgeon for treatment, where she spent three weeks before being sterilised and returned. She was not the only one needing care, many animals needed basic veterinary care and most needed to be sterilised. We had to tread very carefully as we still had a dog in the hospital and needed to earn their trust to allow us to take away their animals for treatment and sterilisation. We returned Girlie to Honeydew on the 25th September. She was greeted by the roar of the crowd and a tearful carer. They then gave us the freedom of Honeydew Informal Settlement and every time we arrived to collect dogs, more were waiting.

On the 26th of October we held a Vaccination Day. Armed with cup cakes, cold drinks and vaccination vials, we arrived at the crack of dawn. The Honeydew residents arrived with their pets and all in all 250 animals were vaccinated. All animals received a new collar and leash and a bucket of food. We are still actively involved in this area, having sterilised 122 dogs and cats, and will continue with this project in the new year.

There are three sections to the Honeydew Informal Settlement and while we continue to sterilise animals from one section, we will move into a new section next year February to vaccinate the animals and educate their carers. Please remember we could not do the work we do without your help, and would greatly appreciate if you would complete the attached debit order form, ensuring we have sufficient funds coming in each month for our township project.

We finished off the year with a visit to four crèches in the area, where we handed out Christmas presents and made new friends. Next year we will introduce an education program for the children teaching them basic animal care.

Before we say goodbye, we would like to take this opportunity of wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and cruelty free New Year. We thank you for all the donations and support you have given us and look forward to another very successful year in 2014.

From all at Animal Allies

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