Leave A bequest


Bequests and legacies provide an important income stream for many charities.

A will is the best way to safeguard the future of the causes important to you.

When you make a bequest in your Will, you make a difference. A difference to a worthwhile charity and a difference to animals in need. One of the most important things our generation can do is provide the means to ensure Animal Allies is around to continue serving the thousands of animals attended to every year.

Fortunately, leaving a bequest is easy. What’s more, just a relatively small donation from your overall estate could make all the difference to the animals in need.

Let’s all work together to ensure a brighter future for the thousands of animals we help every year.

If you would like more information or to talk to us about this, please contact Karen Chitongo on 076 511 5451 or info@animalallies.co.za

Please click here to download the codicil to be filled out and attached to your will.