On the 21st of August we held our 2nd onsite sterilization day in Katlehong. This day was a great success, having learnt from the first day. Three stations were set up – one for vaccinations and deworming, one for sterilisations and the last one for treatments. We arrived at Thabotona Primary School at 7.30am in order to clear the classrooms, and set up the tables so the vets could start at 8.00. By the time we were ready the queues had stretched to beyond the gates. People waited patiently to have their beloved pets attended to. All in all we vaccinated and dewormed over 400 animals, sterilized 55 dogs and 49 cats and treated another 30 animals. Nine puppies were surrendered and three dogs removed. It was a hectic but rewarding day, knowing we had all made a difference to so many animals’ lives.


A HUGE thank you goes to the amazing team at Bromhof Veterinary Clinic for choosing to partner with us and organizing this day. Thank you also to all the volunteers who woke up when it was still dark to come through and assist and did not stop until it was dark again. You are all awesome and we owe the success of this day to you!



We would also like to thank everyone who donated blankets and sheets for our recovery room, where the animals were kept warm and comfortable. All the animals sterilized also went home with a blanket.


To Thabotona Primary School, thank you for opening up your school to us and for once again allowing us to use the classrooms.


Two tons of food was handed out on this day and we never had to purchase a single bag J We were extremely fortunate to have received enough food donations to ensure every animal that arrived for treatment, sterilization and vaccinations went home with a bucket of food. Thank you Montego, Royal Canin and Nestle for the wonderful donations, and to all the people that donated food thank you, thank you.


We cannot thank everyone enough for making this day possible and helping us alleviate so much suffering. This day would not have been possible without you.


Our hamper competition is still running. We will close on the 16th September and the draw will take place on the 17th. Please support us, as the money raised will go towards the sterilization and treatment of the township animals we serve. Thank you to Ann from Pippas Place, for donating the wonderful hamper. A ticket costs R20 and R50 will buy you three. Please buy tickets, help a good cause and stand a chance of winning a lovely wine and snacks hamper.



We are delighted to welcome Oscar and his dog, Lucky to the Animal Allies family. Oscar joined us in the beginning of August and will be focusing his attention on Katlehong. These animals are in desperate need of assistance. Most are suffering from severe mange, worms and TVT (transmissable venereal tumour). This is a sexually transmitted disease and needs a course of chemotherapy to cure it. The course is roughly 4 weeks, depending on the severity. Another reason why it is so important to sterilize your animals. TVT is only one of 4 known transmissible cancers.


Oscar has 13 years of experience working with animals and has an animal welfare certificate. We know these animals are in the best care, under Oscar and Bromhof Veterinary Clinic, and together with a little education, it won’t be long before these animals are leading the lives they deserve.


However, all this work comes at a cost. We desperately need help from you, our supporters. We rely on donations to keep treating all our animals. Please would you consider making a monthly donation from as little as R10. Any amount helps and it all adds up. I have attached our debit order form which you can fill out and send back to me. Thank you!!


You are also able to donate through our SMS line. SMS Allies to 38365 at R10/SMS.


Finally, the nine puppies surrendered from Katlehong are desperately trying to find forever homes. They have all been vaccinated and dewormed and all they need now is someone to love and be loved in return. If you would like to offer any of these gorgeous pups a home please contact me on 076 511 5451. A home-check and adoption fee apply, which will cover the sterilization at a later stage. Please share and spread the word.


Have a lovely week and Happy Spring J