August Newsletter

Summer is on the way and so is Kitten Season. It’s the time of the year when cats begin to breed, and suddenly we are flooded with homeless and unwanted kittens. It is the time when kittens exceed the number of homes available and thousands are euthanized because there are not enough families to adopt them. Animal Allies is making real progress through our successful spay/neuter initiatives. Please join us by making a donation. Together we can make a real difference for homeless cats and kittens.

We had another very successful Vaccination Day on the 16th of August. Despite the bad weather, numerous guardians and their pets arrived for a jab, food, a collar and leash and of course our famous cup cakes. We attended to close on two hundred dogs and cats, treated one embedded collar, and rushed two puppies to our vet for treatment to their tails. Why do people dock their dogs’ tail. We received word that the puppies are doing well and it is a lesson learnt that what they did was wrong. There is nothing more rewarding than a tail wagging madly, you can literally see the smile on the dogs face.  A big THANK YOU goes to Royal Canin, Viv and Linda for the food, WVS for the fiprodog and fiprocat and to Danny for taking beautiful photos. THANK YOU also to the following people who kindly volunteered their time,  Sharlene, Travis, Clayton, Michael, Oscar, Lauren, Kira, Taryn, Sandra, and not forgetting Blake and Anthea (pictured on top of the trailer).



We have wonderful news to share with you. Animal Allies has been chosen as one of the Santa Paws beneficiaries for their 2014 Christmas Drive. We wish them every success with their drive and hope to have lots of goodies for our beloved pets in the township. Santa Paws is also hosting a fundraiser at Rivonia Barnyard and Parkview Barnyard on Saturday the 15th of November. Please visit their website to book a show and make donations to this very worthy cause.


Thank you once again for your wonderful support. Your contributions will allow us to continue our work, making great strides on behalf of our beloved companion animals. Everything that Animal Allies does on behalf of animals we owe to you, our dedicated supporters, and we are truly thankful. Each year, your commitment and financial support to Animal Allies greatly helps reduce the suffering of companion animals.

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