April / May 2016 Newsletter

There are few acts that warm the heart more than acts of compassion shown by kids, especially those towards animals. One of the boys in Alexandra township whose animals we have previously helped, was on his way home from school when he came across a puppy in the street. He noticed she looked hungry and sick and without hesitation took her home. He then called us and asked if we could please get her checked as he was extremely worried about her. The puppy was in a pitiful state. She was so emaciated and looked terrible so we rushed her to Oaklands vet who found that not only was she anaemic but was suffering from biliary too. She stayed at the vet for a few days receiving treatment and recovering and once healthy was taken home. He was happy that his puppy was back home where she belonged and now looks forward to taking care of her. Just shows what a bit of treatment, good nutrition and TLC can do.


The weekend of the 21st and 22nd of May proved to be our busiest and most rewarding weekend. It kicked off with another vaccination day on the 21st in Eskom Squatter camp. As usual, we were met by dog and cat owners in the hundreds for their follow up vaccinations, dip/spray and deworming. There has been a great improvement in the condition of their pets and always nice to see less and fewer mums with puppies here. As I’m sure you are all aware our main focus is the prevention of sickness and disease, treatment and sterilisation so it’s really nice to see hard work paying off. Thank you once again to everyone that made a donation and to our wonderful volunteers who are always available and ready to help.

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The 22nd of May we held our first ever onsite sterilisation day. This was all thanks to Dr Le-Anne Kleynhans of Bromhof Veterinary Clinic, who offered to do this for us free of charge.  This is our latest project we would like to introduce you to – Katlehong Township. Why Khatlehong, you may ask? A member of the community had been begging us for assistance on behalf of so many people, as no other welfare organisation was assisting. He trusted us as we had helped him with his animals prior to him moving to Katlehong. We went to assess the situation, what met our eyes was beyond anything we ever imagined. So many animals in dire need of attention, treatment, food and help. The day was to begin at 8am with the hope of sterilising 80 animals. We arrived to dogs, cats and people waiting for the assistance they so badly needed and longed for. Dr Kleynhans and her team set up and immediately got to work. Before we knew it there were more than sixty dogs and 15 cats on our sterilisation list and they just kept coming in. We, unfortunately, had to stop at seventy-two dogs and 12 cats but we continued to vaccinate, deworm and spray the over 500 dogs and 50 cats. The whole experience was extremely overwhelming for everyone and we were all very happy with the success of the campaign. Unfortunately, we ran out of everything, vaccinations, sprays, food (over 1 ton), collars and leashes as the turnout for help exceeded anything we could have prepared for. We will be holding another sterilisation day and will keep you all posted once dates have been finalised.

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We are having another vaccination day in the Zandspruit Informal Settlement (Honeydew) on the 18th June. We are in desperate need of dog and cat food, blankets and kennels and kindly request you to help us help the animals. It really does make the life of a township animal so much better!! If you don’t have time to buy any of the items, please consider making a once off donation or even better signing a debit order for us. Please send me an email if you would like more details.

And finally on a good note, little Elfo has fully recovered, he’s been sterilised and looking absolutely lovely. Thanks to Oaklands vet, who treated the mange on a weekly basis and also to Champion Pet Foods for donating Orijen dog food to help with his skin condition. He looks like a completely different dog. Thank you, thank you!!

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