April Newsletter

April has proved to be our most challenging month so far. Apart from the sterilization campaign we have been kept extremely busy treating sick and injured animals.  Two puppies were hit by cars resulting in the one having to have his leg amputated. Fortunately the other puppy’s injuries were not as serious and he was treated and discharged a few days later. Two cats both with hind limb injuries were admitted. One had been hit by a car and the other attacked by dogs. Although both needed to be operated on, the vet managed to save both their legs by plating and pinning. A further two dogs are currently being treated on a weekly basis one with mange and the other with a bad skin infection. The treatment will continue for at least two months.

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We experienced a case, which we at Animal Allies had never come across before. We treated a dog with TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour). This is one of only three known transmissible cancers and is sexually transmitted. He was treated with chemotherapy as surgery alone is not very effective. Fortunately he has recovered, been neutered and returned home.

In March we received a desperate call for help from a visitor at Dikhololo, to assist with trapping and sterilizing their feral cats. Management were contacted and advised of the benefits of keeping a sterilized colony. They were happy to work with us and gave the green light. Santa Cause for Paws, as usual rose to the occasion and raised funds to finance the first set of trapping. We volunteered our time and traps and on the 10th of April we set up our traps and the project was on its way. On the 12th April we returned home with all our trapping gear and a 6-week-old kitten, having sterilised a total of 54 cats. A big thank you goes to Santa Cause and everyone that donated towards this project and made it all possible.

In case you’re wondering why we brought this kitten home, she had a broken femur and needed to be operated on. Making this the third orthopedic operation in less than a month. She is recovering well and has found her forever home.

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To Viv and the entire SAINTs team, you are true animal allies and we cannot thank you enough for all that you do. These ladies organized an overnight online sale and managed to raise an incredible R24 000 for two animal charities of which we were one.

Animal Allies April 2015 Newsletter 10

MySchool is running a competition for all its beneficiaries. The charity with the most votes wins R70 000. Please vote for us and help us stand a chance to win by voting at www.vote4charity.co.za Please spread the word, ask friends, relatives and colleagues to vote as well. If you don’t have a card, you can also apply for one online at www.myschool.co.za

Animal Allies April 2015 Newsletter 11

Many of our supporters have asked us to set up an SMS line, we listened and here it is. Please SMS “Allies” to 38365 and help us raise money to pay our very large vet bill. The SMS will cost you R10.