Guide To Adopting A Pet



Making the decision to adopt a pet

•Do not make an impulsive decision – an informed, planned decision is essential.
•Do not be influenced by fashion or cuteness factors
•A pet is a long term commitment
•Do not give in to your children’s demands for a pet unless you are also fully on board with the decision, and willing to commit to caring for and loving the animal for the duration of its hopefully long life- whether the appeal wears off for your children or not.


Before adopting any pet what should parents know?  

Be prepared to teach your children about the responsibilities of pet ownership.
Find out details about the stages of the animal, so that you are prepared and understand their behaviour (chewing, digging, scratching, need for exercise, house training)
Be prepared to welcome the pet as a member of your family where all its needs will be met.
Be prepared for the costs involved – food, shelter, training, vaccinations, health checks
Be prepared for the work involved – cleaning, feeding, grooming, exercise, time
Holiday plans


Which Pet should you choose?

Choose a pet that suits your lifestyle (work all day, tidy house). Make sure that you can give them the time and the attention that they deserve.
•Choose a pet that suits your home environment (flat, perfect garden, townhouse – neighbours)